“Goede relaties vereisen eerlijke communicatie en hebben tijd nodig om te rijpen.
Een merk is niet anders."
Een kleine greep uit ons klantenbestand
Our creativity has no borders

Since our birth in 2000 we created beautiful projects for over 160 clients in 16 countries.

What I think is the main ingredient to our work is caring (perhaps to much but we do it anyway ;-)
It's this obsessive giving-a-damn about making work that stands out creatively, drives business and, hopefully, has an impact in the real world that drives us everyday to create beautiful and immersive stories to connect people to brands, ideas and each other.

Joost Buitenweg

"Led by creativity, driven by strategy and obsessed with people. Beautiful words and Pixelthis deliviers exactly that. With Joost and his team we have had many great adventures in the field of internal and external communication. With a focus on the business, a fresh look at things, with humor and above all; with good results. I like energy, so I like Pixelthis."

Robert Joore Managing Director and Country Chair at TotalEnergies in The Netherlands

"I've been working with Pixelthis for ten years for one simple reason; Pixelthis is a company that is known for its flexibility, reliability and creativity.
The most important thing I have learned is; you don’t tell Pixelthis what you want, but you tell the team what you want to achieve.
They help you think about concepts that go beyond image and sound, but are about stories that touch and move people. And that's why I’m fan of Pixelthis."

Jasper Teijsse Global Head Communications eBay Classifieds Group

"Wow. Wat een prachtig filmpje is het geworden! Komt echt even binnen. Ik denk dat iedereen onder de indruk zal zijn."

lilian van Mourik Adjunct afdelingsmanager Interimbureau Gemeente Almere